Roof Snow Removal

Crystal Clean offers the skill, knowledge, and equipment to safely and effectively remove the snow from your roof.

Have you ever noticed large icicles hanging from your roof.  Although they look like a work of art they are actually a sign of trouble on your roof.  After a heavy snowfall, or weeks of accumulation, the snow on your roof begins to slowly melt and refreeze.  This process creates what are called ice dams on the edge of your roof.  If an ice dam is left on the roof it can begin to cause damage to the roof and gutters.

Ice dams aren’t the only risk of accumulated snow on your roof.  If the snow on your roof begins to exceed 8″ there could be a risk of roof collapse.  This is especially true for “wet” snowfalls.

The safest way to remove this accumulated snow is from the ground with long extension poles and rakes.  This however, often isn’t adequate for larger roofs with many peaks and valleys.  The most effective way to remove all of the snow is to get your feet on the roof and shovel off the snow.  This can be safely done only with a rope access system by a certified rope access technician.  All of Crystal Clean’s roof crew are SPRAT certified and employ the safest most effective means of accessing any roof.

Take a proactive approach to help maintain the structural integrity of your roof.  Crystal Clean offers one-time services along with seasonal plans.

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